Expert Investigations offers a wide range of business and professional investigative services to assist with your information gathering and fact finding needs. Our services are designed to elicit the kind of facts, documents, and photographic/audio evidence which are material to your case. Investigative steps are carefully considered before we undertake them, ensuring that your investigation is always conducted in a logical, orderly and professional manner. Take a look at the quality services we offer. How can we assist you with the following types of cases?


Due Diligence

We investigate when you need vital information in advance of the financial/business transaction taking place. Advance information consists of comprehensive background investigation and identifies key management activities/patterns of business or trade behavior which may be unknown at the time.

Competitive Intelligence

Information is power and advance information often provides the competitive edge necessary for businesses to succeed ahead of the competition. Expert Investigations conducts ethical and legal competitive intelligence investigations designed to gather information about individuals/entities which can be used by business executives to make transactional/business decisions.

Risk Management

Expert Investigations conducts detailed liability based investigations designed to uncover the material facts necessary to assess, reduce or otherwise mitigate and prevent business, personal, government or corporate liability.


Fraud/Theft/ Embezzlement/White Collar Crime

Internal investigations are designed to gather the facts behind various forms of employee misappropriation. Investigations requiring a forensic accountant will be referred accordingly ensuring you have the professional resources necessary to gather and document the financial facts.

Industrial Espionage/Theft of Trade Secrets

Businesses are exposed to significant financial risk when proprietary business information is misappropriated by insiders. Investigation is necessary to uncover the facts behind what was stolen, who did it, how they did it and how they removed the information from the business premises without detection.

Piracy/ Brand Protection/Trademark Infringement/Counterfeiting/Intellectual Property

When products, merchandise or intellectual property is pirated, stolen, counterfeited or diverted, Expert Investigations uncovers the facts and documents the evidence.

Product Liability

Product liability investigations cover a wide range of products, such as food product liability, equipment failure, and product defect. We collect, visually inspect and photographically document all evidence, making arrangements to secure the product and evidence as necessary in accordance with best, "chain of custody" practices.


Negligent Hiring/Retention

These are background investigations designed to gather the facts necessary to reduce potential liability associated with employment related issues or in support of litigation matters.

Code of Business Conduct/Hotline/Ethics/Conflict of Interest/Sexual Harassment/Wrongful Termination and Job Discrimination Expert Investigations conducts a full range of complex investigations related to possible employee misconduct (business and personal) and litigation, which may involve fact finding, statement taking, in depth background investigations, and court and business/fictitious records checking for outside conflicts of interest in violation of the company's employee handbook.


Upon request, we will take a written statement, a recorded statement or a written and recorded statement. When you only have one chance to secure an interview, it's paramount to get it right the first time as people don't often give you a "second chance." Thirty years of successful investigative experience enhances our ability to get the information you need the first time, and detailed interviews combined with fact based statements add real value to your case. Video statements arranged upon request.


There are times when you require more information than you have. Getting the added information is often obtained through a detailed background investigation, which can be critical to most cases. Remember, what you don't know can hurt you! Expert Investigations has the experience necessary to evaluate your case, ascertain what information you need and whether a background investigation adds significant value to your case. If it does not, we won't recommend it. That type of service commitment is what keeps our customers satisfied, ensuring they contact us the next time they need investigative assistance.


While various federal acts prevent investigators from gathering financial information under "pretext," Expert investigations conducts legal and ethical asset related investigations when it is important for client's to have an in depth understanding of an individual's financial status/net worth to successfully evaluate a matter.


Often times, the ability to locate witnesses is the difference between success and failure. Expert Investigations excels when locating a key witness is critical to the case and our track record in the area of locating difficult witnesses, hard to find witnesses or witnesses who don't want to be found is unsurpassed in the investigative industry. When you just have to find that us. Our results speak for themselves.


Court Testimony/Records Review/Witness Locates

When your case goes to court, you need an expert on your side. Myron Sanders is an established industry professional, widely recognized as one of the top investigators in the Pacific Northwest. Myron's case preparation, experience and professional demeanor make him a very credible witness, and his professional background allows him to successfully articulate the facts of your case to a jury.


Not every consultation results in our opening an investigation; your case may not warrant it. In addition to our professional investigative offerings, we also offer a wide range of business and information consulting services to meet our client's needs. Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your situation. Take advantage of the expertise that we offer our clients.

NOTE: Expert Investigations does not provide surveillance services. However upon request we will provide you with the name of a reputable surveillance specialist.


Fraud investigations cross all insurance lines. Our complex, and unrivaled, understanding of insurance coverage issues is a "value added" benefit to our insurance company clients as understanding the intricacies of insurance policies is often beneficial in securing material and relevant case information during the interview of insured's and other witnesses. Should your case go to prosecution, our investigative reports are case ready.

Property & Casualty

Our services include investigating arson for profit, slip & falls, worker's compensation, product liability, auto theft, burglary, organized rings, subrogation and bodily injury claims.

Life & Health

Services include staged death, disability claims, life insurance contestability claims, interviews, statements, application fraud, material misrepresentation issues, background investigations, document review, witness locates and other contestable insurance matters.






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