At Expert Investigations, your case matters. We promptly respond to assignment inquiries, phone calls, and e-mails. Our professional service delivery standard is to provide verbal reports and status updates to clients before they call to check on the status of their assignment, ensuring an excellent service experience. We back our verbal statuses with detailed, informative and fact based written reports and statements in a timely manner. It is not uncommon for clients to say "this is one of the best reports I have ever seen!"

Repeat business is the biggest compliment you can pay Expert Investigations. We value your business and handle every case with personal attention to detail, ensuring that we not only get the pertinent facts but the background information necessary for our client's to make informed decisions. This is what brings clients back to Expert Investigations year after year, but don’t just take it from us...consider these testimonials from a number of very satisfied clients.

"Myron has been working with our office supporting our municipal clients for many years. His detailed end product and professionalism are what sets him apart in the industry. Our client base requires a steady hand and Myron is able to obtain the necessary information with tact and sensitivity especially in situations involving minors, serious injury and abuse claims."

— Geoff Sinclair, Claims Service Manager

"Myron is my go-to investigator because of his enthusiasm, skill and experience. Each case requires different planning and investigation steps. Myron understands this and he provides me with the unique investigation each case requires."

— Kyle Sturm, Attorney

"As an attorney representing many insurers in their investigation of potentially fraudulent claims, and as a former prosecutor, I have worked with many investigators. I would recommend Myron Sanders without hesitation. He is at once tenacious and diplomatic, intuitive and analytical. When there is the need to know, Myron is the man to find out."

— Neil Dorfman

"I have hired or dealt with dozens of investigators. Myron Sanders is the most thorough and professional investigator I have ever seen. No doubt, the best investigator I know!"

— Robert Smith

"Myron Sanders is a dedicated, professional, investigator with a large amount of experience both as a member of law enforcement and in the private sector. He contributes good ideas, conducts detailed recorded statements, and provides comprehensive reports. I recommend Myron wholeheartedly."

— David VanSpeybroeck

"Myron Sanders is most passionate against insurance fraud and that is evidenced by his thoroughness in his investigations, his knowledge and his high energy level. I can depend on Myron to use solid judgment in all aspects of the claim, and that is particularly important when a decision is to be made whether or not to proceed ahead or simply stop and adjust the claim. He is sensitive to the expenses being incurred by the carrier in his investigations and makes every effort to pro-rate when he can."

— Tom Anderson Oregon Mutual Insurance, SIU

"Myron Sanders maintains a level of intensity combating insurance fraud which is not often found."

— Cheryl J. Gage Owner of Rose City Adjusters






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