Myron B. Sanders is President of Expert Investigations, Incorporated, one of the Pacific Northwest's premier investigative agencies.

Prior to opening his business he managed the Special Investigation Unit at CGU/North Pacific Insurance Company in Portland, Oregon. He was responsible for the education and training of the underwriters, agents, and claims personnel on insurance fraud. He also investigated suspicious or questionable claims for CGU/North Pacific.

Sanders is an instructor at the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Basic and Advanced Special Investigations Academy. Before joining CGU/North Pacific in 1996, Sanders was a Senior Special Agent, and National Training Manager with the NICB. In this role, he assisted law enforcement agencies, insurance fraud investigators, and prosecutors throughout the state with the detection, investigation, arrest and prosecution of insurance fraud perpetrators. These cases included slip and fall con artists, arson for profit, staged accidents, fraud rings, faked home burglaries and other criminal acts that cost the insurance industry, and the public at large, billions of dollars each year.

Sanders has ten years of law enforcement experience and is a graduate of the National FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. In North Dakota, he worked his way up to the rank of Sergeant for the Stark County Sheriff's Department and Lieutenant of Detectives for Williams County Sheriff's Department.

Sanders is no stranger to representing his peers. He was selected in 1985 by the Governor of North Dakota to represent law enforcement agencies throughout the state by serving on the Juvenile Justice Sub-Committee for the Governor's Commission on Children and Adolescents at Risk. Sanders has served as a board member of The Oregon Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units. He is also past Vice President of the International Association of Arson Investigators. He is a current member of the NW Chapter of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, National Academy (FBINA).

Sanders speaks at industry anti-fraud seminars where he shares his expertise on a variety of fraud, risk and investigative matters. Sanders received the Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator designation.






Myron Sanders
Expert Investigations, President


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